But first...let's dig a little deeper!

I could vividly remember the first time I was afraid to tell my story.

I was in sixth grade and it was the first day of school after summer vacation. I was excitedly telling my best friend about meeting Mickey and Minnie and the gang, when a boy in my class overheard our conversation and accused me of lying about the trip. I was first taken aback by his attacks and then I quickly assured him and my classmates that I wasn't lying and that we had in fact gone to Disney World.

After several minutes of an "intense" (for sixth graders) argument, I just shut down. I was no longer compelled to tell my story. I no longer wanted to be heard.

It wasn't until I was recounting this experience in my adulthood, that I realised, I barely talked about my first Disney World experience because of the way I was shutdown and pretty much bullied into silence. I realised I was haunted by that childhood experience.

I've coached dozens of women who have a desire to show up more confidently on camera and in their every day lives, and the more I coach, the more I realise that so many of us are still carrying the scars from our childhood.

I realise that these childhood scars have hindered us from telling our stories, to hide in plain sight and to shy away from the camera.

Did your childhood look like this?

You constantly got, "Talks too much" on your report card.

You were often told, "Kids should be seen and not heard."

You were bullied into silence and forced to keep your stories inside.

Your teachers, friends and sometimes even family, made you feel like your stories and opinions didn't matter.

You were accused of lying when you shared your experiences.

You were teased because of how you looked in photographs and/or video.

What if I told you;

that the fact that you were shut down as a child is now impacting how you show up, or not, in your adult life?

Do you ever think about seven-year-old you and remember that day you had something super important to share?

Do you remember that someone told you to be quiet or didn't allow you to get a word in and that story stayed stuck, deep down inside of you?

Do you ever think that that story is still stuck there; begging to bubble to the top?

Do you ever think that being shut down as a child caused you to get passed over for that promotion on your job?

Luckily for me

I had a family that encouraged talking and telling stories about our days and lives.

I had teachers who taught me the art of storytelling and helped me to hone this skill.

I had friends who actually believed and listened to my stories.

Even with all of this support, I had to do the years' worth of hard work to overcome the self-doubt caused by those voices that didn't listen to me, that didn't believe me and that didn't want to hear from me.

In order to be able to tell my stories again, I had to heal!

Girl, listen!

You'd think that being a TV host and a national news anchor would mean that being in front of the camera came easy, right?


Much of my healing actually happened on camera, in real time and on the job. Every single day I had a doubt about my ability to do the job or a doubt about the importance of my voice being heard, I showed up anyway.

I quickly realised that the better I got at being on camera, the better I got at negotiating, at engaging in social settings and the better I got at...LIFE!

Welcome to the Better On Camera Workshop

This in-person, hands-on training session is created by, me, TV host and media personality Ianthia Ferguson and built with you in mind. Over two days, I'll help you tackle your underlying fears to boost your confidence, teach you how to show up as the best version of yourself and train you on how to command your audience’s attention whenever and wherever the camera turns on.

My goal is to walk you through my four-step Better On Camera framework that will teach you how to:





At the end of this workshop you'll be able to apply these actionable skills to your YouTube videos, Instagram and Facebook lives and even your Zoom and in-person media interviews for a memorable appearance. 

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Meet your Better on Camera Coach!

Is this workshop for me?

If you're a woman in business who wants to land more media features to help your brand become more visible, then this workshop is for you! If you're an entrepreneur who wants to increase and perfect your on-camera appearances by using Instagram and Facebook live to attract more clients, monetize your audience, this workshop is for you! If you're a professional looking to land more media features and ACE your news interviews, this workshop is for you!

What do I walk away with?

You will walk away with more confidence to get on camera, better technical skills to get the perfect shot, audio and angles and on day two, we'll help you shoot your very own 30-second video clip! It could be your YouTube intro, a presentation slide or something to add to your press kit! The choice is yours!

About the Better On Camera workshop

In a nutshell...

WHAT: A two-day in-person workshop teaching my four-step framework to being better on camera.

Day One

✔️START - Challenge your current thoughts about being on camera, build a positive relationship with the lens and arm yourself with total preparation before the screen turns on. A thorough mindset challenge to get you to address your unhealed scars.

💡SHINE - How you look on camera matters! We'll use the LitFluential strategy to easily find your best look, vibe, voice, and unique persona within minutes.

Day Two

😃SHOW-UP - Avoid the common mistakes, understand the critical camera nuances and captivate your audience with ease. We'll walk you through a comprehensive technical training teach you lighting, audio and shooting techniques and how to read from a teleprompter.

🎥SHOOT - Come dressed and ready and I'll direct, produce and record a 30-second video for you! Get on-site coaching from me and the team as well as help with your scripts and delivery.

WHEN: July 22 & 23, 2023


WHO: This intimate, hands-on LIT event is looking to enroll only 10 students who are passionate about gaining the confidence to show up as their best selves on camera. Whether it's for a news interview, an Instagram live, a YouTube video, a Zoom presentation or to host a TV or web show.

Better On Camera activation workbook, light lunch and refreshments provided.

Please note that your purchase here is not for an online course or digital product, it secures your seat for the in-person Better on Camera workshop that will be held in Nassau, Bahamas.

email: [email protected] for more information.

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